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    PS3 Controls

    I am having such an impossible time trying to find a reference guide on how to do various functions within the game, such as populating the quick access ring (L1), figuring out key sequences to use abilities, special attacks, etc.
    The instruction manual is NOT PS3 specific, so, sadly, I am really unable to do much more than hack away (MIGHT catagory, level 19). Any way you can send me a pdf or some PS3 specific control guide (i.e. hold L1 and X to do ... or R2 and O will do ... you get it).

    Thanks in advance

    OTHERWISE, this is the most awesome game of all time! So fun!

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    I got a PS3 manual with my game which had all the controls and actions of the controls in there..

    Unless your playing the PC version and then using an emulation software program to allow you to play with a PS3 controller?

    Answer the questions and I'll be able to help you out.

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    Hi there,

    I managed to find exactly what you are looking for, here you go!

    []: Attack with primary weapon
    /\: Attack with secondary weapon
    O: Roll
    X: Sprint [Hold]/Interact
    L1: Block
    L2: Item Wheel
    L3: N/A
    R1: Ability Wheel
    R2: Enter stealth mode
    R3: Center camera while moving/Zoom in with camera
    Select: Brings up map
    Start: Brings up menu
    D-Pad: Hot key for consumable items
    L1 + R1 [HOLD]: Use reckoning mode, after meeting with Agarth for the first
    time can you use this ablility.

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    []: Attack with primary weapon
    /\: Attack with secondary weapon

    Just to clear this up, the first one is the square button of the controller, the second one is the triangle button

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    I have trouble using the controls for the newest rachet game bought a new controler, still same problem with camera angles to have clank line up. maybe its me. I do have the entire R&C collection though
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