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    ok so apparently my character in the game decided to sink into the ground to his knees, i cant move him, he is stuck, reload last checkpoint and it starts in the same place, is there a no clipping code or something to get my character out of the ground, i have over 20 hour played and i don't want to start over, if i have to start over i'm not playing the game anymore, so please someone help.

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    Absolutely this is a bug. If you have no earlier save files, then you will have to ask somebody else for a file. If your game have both DLCs, then I can give you a save file in which the leading character has explored about half of the estern part of Faelands. By the way, if you have about 10 save files and cover them one by one, i.e., when you have 10 save files, each time you save the game, cover the last file in the list, you will find yourself no more troubled by bugs!

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