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Thread: Minimum System Reqs?

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    Minimum System Reqs?

    I play the game and all but how do I find out the minimal requirements I will need in my laptop or my desktop in order to play the game?

    Or, if anyone can just post them, that would also help me out a lot.

    Thanks all.

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    Hi there,

    The minimal requirements should be on the back on the cover of your PC game case unless you bought it from Steam, it should show you on the Steam store from where you purchased it.

    If you can't find it, here it is:


    Windows XP with Service Pack 3
    Windows Vista with Service Pack 2
    Windows 7 with Service Pack 1

    Intel Core2 Duo (or equivalent) running at 2.2GHz or greater
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ (or equivalent) running at 2.6GHz or greater

    At least 1 GB for Windows XP
    At least 2 GB for Windows Vista and Windows 7

    Disc Drive:
    CD/DVD ROM drive (required for installation only), 8x or faster CD/DVD drive

    Hard Drive:
    At least 10.5 GB of free space

    Video Adapter:
    NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB or better
    ATI Radeon HD3650 512MB or better
    Supporting Pixel Shader 3.0
    Minimum Resolution Supported is 1280x720

    9.0c Compatible

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