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Thread: DLC glitch

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    DLC glitch

    I just purchased KOA Reckoning from the xbox live market place. I also got the weapon and armor bundle pack, the items are not showeing up in the chest. even after i execpt the speacial delivery quest they are not showing up. i decided to purches the online pass dlc to see if that would make it work but it just made the game freeze. what can i do to fix this MS told me to do all kinds of stuff but nothing fixed it.

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    I have the same problem. I downloaded the game and armor bundle from PSN, but nothing shows up. There is an Infernal Helm. I dont know if that's part of it, but i bought the bundle so I dont think that helm costs $5. Help please!

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    I'm having the same problem

    I just bought the game from psn and i have the same problem. I get the shepards armor but not the dlc packs i bought. please let me know if anyone else has figured this out

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