Last night i downloaded the Games on Demand version of KoA and when i go to select "new game" from the main menu the game starts to load and freezes on the loading screen every time. ive gone through xbox customer support and all of their troubleshooting tips (restarting console, re-downloading the game, trying a different memory unit, trying to play disconnected from live, and all their other advice) and none of it has worked thus far. So they sent me to your forums.

My gamertag is *Slipnslide HERO* if that helps.

Please, any input on this issue would be greatly appreciated as ive been anxiously waiting to play this game pretty much since its release.
David R.

ps. ive done some searching around and found that im not the only one with this issue, i found at least one other person on a different site's forums that was having the same issue.