Play online Craps

Craps is a very popular dice game that is commonly played in an online casino environment. Once you get the hang of playing the game, it becomes an exciting and thrilling game to play.

If you like playing Craps, you should try out your luck at one of our Craps tables for a truly unique online gaming experience. Whether you’re a new or experienced craps player, there is a game for all players.

The beauty of playing online Craps is that it’s the perfect game to make the most of a lucky winning streak, allowing the player to ride small buy-ins leading to big money wins.

Simply roll the dice and depending on what number comes out will determine if you win or lose. Sometimes the outcome is decided after a single roll, and sometimes after a series or rolls.

To make the game of Craps simpler and more engaging to play, over time there have been nicknames given to the different combination of rolls thrown from the two dice, similar to how the bingo players refer to bingo ball names. It just makes the game more interesting and fun to play. Some of these names include “Snake eyes” when two 1’s are rolled, “Boxcars” when two 6’s are rolled and “Ace Duece”, when a 1 and 2 is rolled.

For those players who are still learning the game, you don’t have to worry about how much time it will take to figure out what bets to make. We provide comprehensive information on all bets that are placed during the game as well as the odds that will be paid out for each bet.

Placing a bet to predict the outcome of the dice roll is simple, proceed by clicking on the chip size you wish to bet with, then click anywhere on the designated areas of the table in order to place your bet.

There is a wide range of wagering options, giving you the flexibility to choose a betting option that’s right for you, including Line Bets, Single Roll Bets, Multi Roll Bets, and Player Bets.

So what are you waiting for? Try your luck out at our premium online Craps tables because you never know, you could be our next big Craps winner!