Play Keno online

Online Keno is a numbers game in which you try to pick the winning numbers on the screen. You can choose up to 15 numbers on a board where you have 80 possible choices and then watch as the lottery style numbers show up. If your numbers match the numbers selected by our online casino RNG (Random Number Generator) you win. How much you can expect to win will depend on how many numbers you’re willing to select. The more numbers you select, the higher your payout will be.

Anyone who has favorite numbers can enjoy this fast paced and fun game to play, which originally gained huge popularity in China. Playing online Keno for real money is now easier to play then ever before at our online casino. Unlike the lottery, which can be a long and drawn out process, you can pick your favorite numbers, and the winning numbers pop up instantly on the screen, so you can collect your money faster and allowing you to deviate from your strategy and seeing what the results will be like in real time.

If a winning number matches one of the numbers you’ve selected, it’s called a “hit”, and your hits are highlighted in red, so you can more easily track the game. There is a genuine thrill in playing Keno games and matching the winning numbers. The more winning numbers you hit, the more you can expect to win, so if your favorite numbers aren’t coming out, try out your luck with other numbers, and look for which numbers and patterns seem to be hot across the board.

If you are new to Keno, or you just want to play for some fun, then you have the option to play in our Practice Play mode allowing you to bet with play money chips instead of real money. Get a feel for the game, and if you’re feeling lucky, it just may be in your best interests to head on over to the real money Keno games, where you can reap much bigger rewards.