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Online pokies are what Australians refer to as slot machines. Gambling is a popular past time for many Aussies and playing pokies online is right at the top of the list of favorite games to play.

The pokie machines that can be found in pubs and clubs have been around for a long time. It wasn’t until the mid 1990s when internet gambling really began to take off, and since then the popularity of online pokies caught the attention of many Aussie punters and players from around the world.

There is a great variety of online pokie games to choose from, which players can play with the chance of hitting a big win. The Online Pokies at our online casino are renowned for featuring innovative features that makes them more engaging and payouts more attractive.

You can find everything from single-spin pokies to Mega Spin games in which the concept is similar to multi-hand video poker. This allows each player to play multiple pokie reels at the same time, and the result and payout of each spin doesn’t affect the result of the other spins, allowing you to win money faster.

Online gaming leader Microgaming have developed some of the best and most popular pokies you can play on the web, including smash hits like Tomb Raider, Lord Of The Rings, as well as quality games based on movie themes such as Hitman and Hell Boy.

When playing online pokies at our online casino, you can expect a feature rich experience with a wide selection of pokies that are easily found. Once you start playing, select your betting options, and click on the Spin button. It really is that simple. There is also plenty of Bonus Features with all available games designed to encourage players to continue playing the game.

Regardless of which online pokie you play, there is a lot of luck required to win playing online pokies, but if you’re looking to indulge in an addictive game that is fun to play with the potential for a big payout, than online pokies may just be for you.

46 Responses to “Pokies”

  1. Ruby

    I have yet to win a random progressive pokie jackpot and would love to know if anyone else has ever won one at an RTG Casino.

  2. Charlotte

    Always pick the end cuckoo clock on the Mad Hatters pokie when the pick to win feature round is offered to you as that is always the best paying one for me.

  3. Emily

    Anyone know which casinos give the best no deposit bonuses? If so I would love to know as I’m tired of losing my own money!

  4. Olivia

    I would love to see screenshots of a screen full of wilds on Thunderstruck II anyone got any to share or know where I can view them?

  5. Chloe

    I used to play the fruit machines at Microgaming casinos but they are no longer available, I hear that they could be beaten by advantage players. Anyone know if this is true and how did they win when playing them all the time?

  6. Amelia

    I do not understand why people like play the 243 ways to win Pokie games, there are far too many of them being launched I would prefer more of the 15 and 25 payline games as they tend to pay out more in my experience.

  7. Isabella

    If you want to play a classic Pokie game then make sure you give the Couch Potato Pokie a try I just read it has a payout percentage of over 97% and have not seen another Microgaming game with an RTP that high.

  8. Mia

    Can you win a random jackpot when playing the Mega Moolah pokie online when playing for one cent per spin? I would love to know as I have yet to have the feature awarded to me and I usually play the original version with all pay lines activated.

  9. Sophie

    Just had my first 2000+ stake jackpot when playing Playtech’s Great Blue pokie, anyone else had anything worthwhile when playing this pokie? Sophie – Greta

  10. Ava

    Apparently the Tomb Raider pokie so one of the most played online pokies online, not sure why every time I have had the free spins I have never seen them re-triggered or have they ever paid out anything big.

  11. Sienna

    Watch out when playing at some online pokie sites when taking a deposit match bonus as some sites as I have found out to my cost will limit the amount you can win when taking and using a bonus.

  12. Ella

    Having played the Break Da Bank pokie for years now I am convinced it is one of the most fairest games on offer, but to be honest it can take you ages to get those huge paying free spins bonus games, but I can tell you from experience they are worth waiting for.

  13. Sophia

    How come it is always the same players who win the bigger payouts on pokies at some casino sites? If you visit the websites of some casinos you always find the same players names listed on the biggest winning player’s lists?

  14. Lily

    I would love to know if new pokies launched online come with better payout percentages and then they get lowered over time, no one seems to know the answer to that question, but I’m convinced some casinos do reduce the payout percentages over time.

  15. Zoe

    It always seems to be new players at online casino are the ones that win the biggest progressive jackpots, so I would advise anyone wanting to play those types of online pokies to only play them when they join a new casino site online as it would appear you have more chances of winning a progressive that way!

  16. Emma

    Anyone else notice the number of times you always seem to spin in one scatter symbol short of being able to trigger free spins in Playtech Pokie games, maybe it is just me and my bad luck but it is beginning to drive me crazy!

  17. Matilda

    I would never play any Pokie game that forced you to play all of its paylines which is why I cannot stand those new All Ways pokies from Microgaming you may get 243 chances to win per spin but never seem to win much playing them.

  18. Hannah

    Just triggered the 100 free spins on Microgaming’s Gladiator Pokie only to find out that the multiplier attached to each of them is x1 just like when you play the base game, I am not impressed, plus it is impossible to re-trigger them.

  19. Lucy

    I have never found a more boring slot to play than the Tomb Raider slot, what people rave about if I don’t know and the Tomb Raider 2 slot is even worse it takes ages to get five passports saved up and then when you do, the bonus games always pays a small amount, well it does for me.

  20. Ivy

    Stick to only playing online pokies with a bonus when playing at Microgaming casinos, I am sure they give you a bigger RTP on their games when you have a bonus in your account and I always get more play time with bonuses and have never won anything and cash anything out when playing without a bonus in my account!!

  21. Isla

    I would advise you to steer clear of the classic slot games at Real Time Gaming casinos, I have never played such a boring or low paying set of slots in my life, Microgaming pokies pay much higher and you have more choice in regards to the stake you can play them for.

  22. Scarlett

    I have found that when playing the Immortal Romance slot for the first time in different casinos you always seem to get the Wild Desire feature in your first few spins but then rarely get that feature awarded much after that.

  23. Jessica

    You will probably be shocked when I tell you that most of Microgaming’s Pokie games that have progressive jackpots attached to them offer RTP’s of less than 90% if I was you I would stick to playing the video pokie games instead or even their three reel online pokies which have much better winning payouts.

  24. Evie

    I have just had the free spins re-trigger four times on Microgaming’s Twister Pokie, never seen that happen before so currently that is my favourite Pokie machine!

  25. Zara

    Why do they keep on bringing out those stupid 243 ways to win online pokies, what is the point of playing them when all you seem to win is low valued payouts, give us more standard payline pokies please!!!

  26. Grace

    Just discovered that Real Time Gaming casinos are able to adjust the payout percentages on their online pokies, so be warned when you play at any site using that software make sure you find out which payout percentages they are using or you could end up playing very poor paying ones.

  27. Eva

    Got to say I am loving the older three reel Pokie games form Microgaming, I don’t see the point of playing any of their new video pokies when you will find much better paying less complicated games to play when choosing heir classical pokies which often have a much better range of stake options available

  28. Layla

    I’ve only just found out that you can redeem your Pokie game comp points at Playtech and Real Time Gaming casinos instantly, but I have found you tend to earn many more points at Playtech casinos than at RTG casinos anyway!

  29. Georgia

    Why is it that so many online casinos offer you a free set of free spins on their Pokie machines and when you accept the free spins only a small number of the pay lines on the slot that they have been credited on are activated, that really is stupid and an ill thought out way of giving away such a promotion!

  30. Abigail

    I would love to know if the odds of spinning in the jackpot segment of the Mega Moolah bonus wheel are the actual true odds of doing so, as the odds on winning cannot possibly be true though as if they were, the Mega Jackpot would be won more regularly than it is won.

  31. William

    Why is it impossible to play Pokie games online like those you find in local casinos here in Australia? Other players from different countries can play those slot games online with no problems but not us, that has to be unfair!

  32. Lucas

    If you like playing the Big Break Pokie online then Microgaming has just brought out a scratchcard version of the game, and it has the exact same payout percentage as the slot so you have just as much chance of winning when play it.

  33. Oliver

    Has anyone ever won a Pokie tournament online? I have seen some with thousands of entrants and the odds on winning must be massive, save your money and play normal pokies instead!

  34. Noah111

    Playtech really have been launching some excellent pokies recently, love the Everybody’s Jackpot game which lets you win a share of someone else’s progressive jackpot win, make sure you check that Pokie out as it is the fairest progressive pokie I have ever seen available online.

  35. Jack

    I would give the Power Spins pokies from Microgaming a wide berth if you are reading this, those slots force you to place a bonus bet just to have a chance of triggering the bonus games when all other pokies I’ve seen let you trigger then without being forced to pay more.

  36. Ethan

    Got to say I love the new series of Pokies from NetEnt, they play like low to mid variance games which mean they don’t suck your bankroll dry like many other software providers pokies do.

  37. Joshua

    You may not know this but I have just found out that the best paying Playtech Pokie games are their Multi Spin games. They are admittedly a bit boring to play but the RTP’s are enormous and make them highly playable when you are playing through a bonus.

  38. James

    Forget about playing the Thunderstruck original Pokie game you will have a much better chance of winning when you play the second version of this slot, and you also get more choices of what type of free spin feature rounds you get to play off

  39. Cooper

    Just been given a free Managers Bonus at a Real Time Gaming powered sites, always love getting fee cash but the play through requirements are 100 times the bonus, what is the point of giving away a free bonus if it is practically impossible to win with it, oh and it also comes with a 5 times maximum cash out limit, I have more chance of winning the lottery than making the play through requirements and cashing anything out on that bonus!

  40. Liam

    I am sure the Jackpot Thermometer display at Microgaming casinos is not really a true account of how much the games are paying out, I recently won a small jackpot on one of their classic slots but the jackpot thermometer didn’t go up or down

  41. Alexander

    The CashaPillar Pokie game has some of the largest reel strips found on any online Pokie machine there are 79 and 78 symbols on reels one and two 74 reel symbols on reel three and 94 symbols on the fourth and fifth reels so that is why that game offers a 2million coin base game jackpot for a screen full of wilds as you are unlikely to see them spinning in!

  42. Benjamin

    Never play in a Microgaming pokie game tournament within a few minutes of it starting and going live, for there is always a lag on the server and you will not be able to play as many spins during your entry as you would when playing later on in the pokie tournament

  43. Isaac

    If the average number of spins it takes to trigger a free spins game is about 150 I would like to know if I keep increasing the stakes I am playing for at say the 140th spin when I do eventually trigger the free spins will I get a much bigger payout than I would have done if I have kept the sakes at the same level

  44. Ryan

    The Feature Guarantee offered on RTG Pokie games has to be one of the best inventions ever, as you can now be assured of actually triggering the free spins with in 150 base spins at least you know you are not going to have to play any slot for hours (or days) to finally trigger the bonus games

  45. max

    If you are thinking of playing pokies on a tablet or mobile phone then if I was you I wouldn’t bother, I have tried many different mobile casinos using different software types and they all have a tiny number of slots available all of which are simply online slots anyway.

  46. Daniel

    I always seem to win more when testing out Pokies via free play mode, then when I try to win on those pokies when playing for real money I never do, I am convinced some pokies have been designed to payout more when they are being played for free than they do when you play them for real money, in my mind if that is the case that is unfair.

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