Roulette Online – Play Roulette for free

When to take seat at one of the online Roulette tables you are guaranteed to enjoy the playing experience as it delivers all of the thrill and action reminiscent of a trip to Vegas.

Playing online roulette incorporates all of the best elements found in a live casino gaming environment. The rules are the same as a traditional casino, with one goal in mind, to successfully pick the outcome of the Roulette wheel.

As soon as you’ve selected your betting options (Straight-up bets, Split bets, Street bets, Corner bets and Even or Odd bets), you hit spin, and then wait for the magical Roulette wheel to stop spinning.

You can take full advantage of the comprehensive statistical information that is at your disposal during the in game play to help track the hottest numbers and side bets. This lets you know which numbers have hit more frequently on the wheel during the last one hundred spins, giving you a better idea of where the big potential wins may come from.

A board will inform players all of the latest winning numbers, including full payout information, which is readily available on demand, so even if you are new to this game, you will be able to check odds and get started in the fast paced action of Roulette relatively quickly.

When you are playing online Roulette there is a good chance that you will get to play at different types of Roulette tables. You can choose to play on American Roulette and European Roulette tables, with minor differences in how they play.

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