Tips for Playing Blackjack

rouletteAs you may already be fully aware, the game of Blackjack is like no other casino card or table game, in as much as it offers you a decent chance of winning due to the way in which the game plays and pays. It is one of the most strategic casino games you will play and one which can enable you to have hours of fun and entertainment even when playing for modest stake levels.

There are of course plenty of tips for playing Blackjack, and if you are new to the game then it may pay dividends for you to have a good look through the hints and tips we have listed below for you, as they could help increase your winning chances, or at the very least help you improve your gameplay.

Taking Insurance – One of the worst possible wagers you can make on any Blackjack table is taking the Insurance Bet, this is going to be offered to you by the Dealer whenever he or she may have a Blackjack (an Ace and any Ten valued card) hand.

On first glance for a novice player, getting a payout of 2 to 1 on the Dealer having such a hand may seem generous, however these odds in relation to the Dealer having such a hand make this a surefire winning bet for the casino at which you are playing, as the House Edge on this bet is huge, and as such you should always decline the Insurance wager when it is offered. Have a look at Eurogrand to play European Roulette – Spin the Wheel to Win $$$

Payout for a Blackjack Hand – A novice Blackjack player may think that all Blackjack games play and pay in the same way, however there can be some notable differences even on Blackjack games which share the same game play rules, and one of these is the payout you will get should you have a winning Blackjack hand.

Look out for and avoid any casino which is offering payout odds of 6 to 5 for you having such a hand, as these odds are much lower than the industry standard 3 to 2 payout for such a hand, and by playing Blackjack games with those reduced odds, this payout will slowly eat away at your bankroll, and as such these variants offer very poor value for money.

blackjackChoosing a Blackjack Variant – The major benefit of playing Blackjack online is that you are free to shop around to find the best Blackjack variant available. There are literally dozens of different Blackjack games offered online and you really do need to ensure that you always play only those games which offer the lowest House Edge.

Never be lured into playing a Blackjack game due to it having a fancy name, or what on first glance may appear like a great set of bonus payouts, or supposedly player friendly and liberal playing rules.It is the House Edge alone which makes a Blackjack game playable, and nothing else! Look out for games such as the Classic Blackjack game offered by Microgaming software powered casinos or Playtech’s Blackjack Switch game as both of these have the lowest House Edge attached to them of any online Blackjack games.

Decks in Play – It is an open secret that in regards to some online casino software companies, the operators of such casinos can set the number of decks which are in play in the Blackjack games themselves from several different options.

This is very true of Real Time Gaming software powered casinos, and as a rule of thumb the more decks which are in play on any Blackjack game the worse the House Edge will become. Also thrown into the equation is the Surrender rule which is covered in the next section!
Surrender Rule – As well as being able to choose the number of decks in play in a Blackjack game it is also possible to give players the option of whether they can Surrender a hand or not via the game play rules, when this is coupled with the number of decks in play this can alter, quite dramatically, the House Edge of that particular Blackjack game.

Take Real Time Gamings Blackjack game which offers the ability to Surrender a hand whilst having two decks in play, when you play this game with perfect strategy the House Edge is some 0.34%, however removing the Surrender rule will increase the House Edge to 0.40%.
Also when this Blackjack game has 4 decks in play instead of two but keeps the Surrender rule then the House Edge on that Blackjack game becomes 0.49%, but remove the Surrender option and a massive House Edge of some 0.58% comes into play.

So when choosing to play Blackjack at such sites then look for the Surrender rule coupled with the lowest number of decks in play to ensure you are playing the best Blackjack variant with the lowest possible House Edge.

Playing with Bonuses – As every single online casino is going to offer you some form of bonus to get you to sign up, or to remain a loyal player, then in regards to using these bonuses when playing Blackjack you need to keep a few things in mind.
To start with some casinos will not allow you to play any Blackjack game with a bonus, whilst some make you play through the bonus and/or your deposit an increased number of times before you can make a cash out of any winnings.

In fact some casinos have now started to impose a maximum cash out rule when you play Blackjack with a bonus, so you really do need to consider whether it is going to be viable for you to utilize such a bonus when playing Blackjack online.In most cases a savvy Blackjack player will never take such bonuses, as by playing without one they are free to play any Blackjack variant they wish, without any play through requirements, and can also freely cash out their winnings whenever they choose!

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